Racehorse Ownership

There are many ways you can own a horse and have that special thrill of seeing it race in your colours.  We can find a way to match any budget so that everyone can experience the very special feeling of owning and racing these wonderful animals.

Below are just some of the suggestions that could suit every pocket.

1. Buy your own Racehorse There are a number of ways this can be achieved  We could purchase you a horse from the yearling sales and then teach it its craft so that it could race for you as a two year old. You could spend from £2,000 up to £200,000 and have all the potential that your horse could win a  Derby or Oaks in its classic year. Lisa’s eye for a horse means she has regularly picked out quality horses at very reasonable prices.

Buy a horse from one of the Breeze-Up sales. Lisa will happily go along on your behalf, with a budget and find you a promising 2 year old, ready to race and give you the pleasure of racing almost immediately.

Buy an established horse from the Horses in training sales held regularly

Bid for a horse in either a Claiming or Selling race on race day. This is an incredibly high octane way to get your horse and one of the most profitable. Lisa can target a horse for you and then bring it home from racing to start racing just for you.

2. Horse Racing Partnerships Either set one up yourself or speak to us and we will introduce to one, like the Chester Racing Club, where for very little money your can become a part of a small or large group who share the racing cost to suit your budget and spread your risk over a number of horses.

3. Leasing a Horse Not commonly known but this allows you to pay the monthly training and entry fees of a horse, race it in your colours and of course accept any winnings from racing. You can sometimes agree a pre-arranged purchase price after a period of time or just hand the horse back at the end of the lease period.

4. Racing Syndicates The newly formed Lisa Williamson Racing Syndicate allows all the thrills of racing ownership at a fraction of the price. Why not ask us how you can join one of the newest and most dynamic racing syndicates around.

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